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Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
You will be able to do all exercises for the duration of the subscription.
Subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original “one week”/”one month”/”one year” package unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package (weekly, monthly or yearly package).
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription setting though your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 for more information.
You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period.
Any unused portion of free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases an app subscription.
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It is a software service provided by huihong yang. These Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) are the primary agreement between you and huihong yang regarding your (“you” or “users”) access and use documentation and other services provided by huihong yang (“Services”) .


Before accepting this agreement, please read all the contents carefully. If you cannot accurately understand or disagree with any of the contents of this agreement, please do not follow up. By clicking on the confirmation, actual purchase or use of the services provided by huihong yang, you have read and fully understand the contents of this agreement, and have agreed with huihong yang to use or order the corresponding products and / or services, and Agree to accept all the contents of this agreement and be bound by it.

In particular, you are reminded that you are concerned about the terms of this agreement regarding restrictions, exemptions from huihong yang, restrictions on the rights of users, the determination of violations/defaults, and the choice of jurisdictional courts. The foregoing may be bold and/or Underlined to alert you.


Due to the rapid development of the Internet industry, these Terms of Service do not fully cover and cover all of your rights and obligations with huihong yang, and existing agreements cannot guarantee full compliance with future development needs. Therefore, you agree that huihong yang reserves the right to make any modifications and additions to these Terms of Service from time to time and to make them public. Normally (for example, when modifications or additions are required to meet applicable legal requirements), changes to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Rules will take effect immediately upon publication or on the effective date of the regulations. Your continued access to and use of the huihong yang documentation constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms of Service. Otherwise, you have the right to terminate the Terms of Service by stopping access to the huihong yang document and refusing to use the service, deleting your information and account on the huihong yang document.


If you represent an organization other than your personal registration, login, and/or other services, you will be deemed to be fully authorized to act on behalf of the organization to agree to the modifications and additions to these Terms of Service and the Terms of Service from time to time.

1. Service content
“Products and/or Services” in these Terms means that the huihong yang documentation provides you with the services displayed on the http://www.unitygame8.com website (the official website of the document), the specific service content is used or ordered by you. The content shall prevail.


Depending on the actual needs and other services provided by huihong yang from time to time, huihong yang may enter into other agreements with you. In the meantime, even if no other agreement is signed, your specific service using the huihong yang document will be deemed to be your consent to huihong yang’s request for such specific services. In the event of a conflict between the other agreement and this clause, the other agreement shall prevail, subject to the conflict and to the specific matter of the agreement.


Huihong yang reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate some of the free services at any time, and reserves the right to adjust the types and forms of free services provided by huihong yang documents at any time according to the actual situation. Huihong Yang does not assume any loss caused by the adjustment of any free service provided by huihong yang documents. Huihong Yang reserves the right to charge the corresponding service fee for any free service content at an appropriate time in the future.


You agree that huihong yang needs to adjust and upgrade the huihong yang documents to meet the needs of users and enhance the product experience, including the types and forms of services. If huihong yang needs to terminate the charging service provided to you due to certain circumstances, huihong yang will notify you in advance by means of notices, emails, and official website announcements. You agree that if huihong yang terminates the provision of a fee-based service, Huihong Yang’s obligation is only to return to you some of the fees for the service period that you have not used. You agree that huihong yang will not be liable to you for the adjustment, upgrade or termination of the fee-based service. However, huihong yang will make reasonable efforts to reserve reasonable time for you to respond to changes, suspensions or terminations of such services.

2. Registration
In order to access the huihong yang document and use the service, you agree to the following: fill in the accurate and true registered email address, mobile phone number, password and name according to the huihong yang document official website registration prompt, and ensure the login mailbox, mobile phone number, name updated in the future. , the validity and legitimacy of the avatar and other materials. If you provide any illegal, false, unethical or huihong yang information that is not suitable for display on the huihong yang document, or huihong yang has reason to suspect that your information is a virus program or malicious operation, or that you violate the provisions of these Terms of Service, Or you may use huihong yang documents for commercial purposes without the consent of huihong yang, huihong yang reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuses to use all or any part of the service now and in the future.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, huihong yang is not obligated to assume any responsibility for any registration of any user, including but not limited to the identification, verification of the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, suitability and/or availability of any registration information. responsibility.

At the same time, huihong yang recommends that you keep your registered email address, mobile phone number, password and name. Entering this information accurately will be your key link to access the huihong yang document and enjoy the service. If you find someone using your account information without authorization or suspecting that someone is unauthorized to access your private content, you should change your password and give us feedback.

3. Use
We encourage users to make full use of huihong yang documents to freely publish and share their information content. You are free to post text, images, etc., but they must be in the public domain, or you have the right to use the content (including the right to copy, publish, share, and disseminate the content). At the same time, you should not post copyrighted content on your personal homepage or anywhere else in the huihong yang document, including but not limited to content that is not licensed or used beyond the scope of the license.


The content published by the user on the huihong yang document only indicates his personal position and viewpoint, and does not represent the position or viewpoint of huihong yang. As the content publisher, the user is responsible for the content published. Because of all the disputes caused by the published content, the publisher of the content bears full legal responsibility, and huihong yang does not assume any legal responsibility. The user publishes content infringing the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others in the huihong yang document. The huihong yang document has the right to delete and retain the right to be transferred to the judicial authorities.


Users may not use huihong yang documents to send or transmit sensitive information and information that violates national legal systems, including but not limited to the following information:

Oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution;
Endanger national security, divulge state secrets, subvert state power, and undermine national unity;
Damage to national honour and interests;
Inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;
Destroy the state’s religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions;
Spread rumors, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability;
Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment;
Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
Contains other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

You promise to make statements: patriotism, law-abiding, self-discipline, truth, and civilization. Do not disseminate any illegal, harassing, slanderous, insulting, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene, endangering national security, revealing state secrets, undermining national religious policies and national unity. And other content that violates laws, regulations and policies. If the user’s behavior does not comply with the above mentioned terms of service, the huihong yang document will make an independent judgment to immediately suspend or terminate the user’s service account. Users are responsible for their own actions, and huihong yang documents do not assume any legal responsibility.

4. Intellectual property rights
Huihong yang owns the ownership of huihong yang’s documentation products and services, including any developments and upgrades thereof, and all related intellectual property rights (including but not limited to source code, object code, documentation, interface design, layout framework, and Any software, materials, etc. provided by huihong yang based on maintenance and technical support). You agree with huihong yang’s ownership and intellectual property rights and promise to respect and not infringe upon huihong yang’s ownership and intellectual property rights in any way. You may not copy, transmit, transfer, license or provide the use of the above knowledge without the written permission of huihong yang, otherwise you shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and the huihong yang document has the right to terminate your use of the huihong yang document without refunding any fees. .


You have copyright and other related rights in accordance with the lawful content that you create and publish on huihong yang documents.


Huihong yang reserves the right to delete the contents of the huihong yang document that infringes the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, and reserves the right to transfer to the judicial authorities.

5. Privacy Policy
By using the services provided by huihong yang and huihong yang, you agree that huihong yang legally collects and uses technical or diagnostic information about you and the services you use. The collected information will be used to provide and improve the content and technology of huihong yang document products, and improve the service quality of huihong yang documents.


Huihong Yang will not provide your information and content to other organizations or individuals, except in the following cases:

Your prior consent or authorization, or your initiative to share with third parties on the huihong yang document;
The judicial authority or the competent government agency or any department of laws and regulations requires huihong yang to provide such information;
You have violated these Terms of Service and huihong yang is required to provide it to third parties for rights protection.
6. Data security
Huihong Yang will make reasonable efforts to protect your information security and take reasonable preventive and protective measures such as data transmission, storage and conversion. However, Internet data transmission, storage, and conversion may have certain unknown and uncertain data security risks, which may include but not limited to data loss, leakage, damage, unreadable or extracted. You acknowledge that you have explicitly and agree to accept such risks and consequences arising out of the Internet and have taken appropriate measures (such as data backups, etc.) to minimize losses when such risks occur.


Huihong Yang shall not be liable for any damages caused by the subjective intention or gross negligence of Internet technology itself, such as subjective intention or gross negligence. Because huihong yang’s gross negligence harms your data security, huihong yang’s liability is based on the service fee charged to you.

7. Disclaimer
You acknowledge and agree that huihong yang is not responsible for any of the following circumstances:

Due to improper maintenance or improper confidentiality, data, data, passwords, passwords, etc. are lost or leaked, or other personal information that is not caused by huihong yang, huihong yang does not assume any legal responsibility;
Any use of force majeure, hacking, computer virus intrusion, network operator reasons, or government regulations, etc., may cause huihong yang document suspension, interruption, delay, use restriction, abnormal use, use, temporary website Shut down, etc., huihong yang does not assume any legal responsibility;
You are responsible for the legality of uploading documents, entering data, publishing content, and obtaining documents, data, and content through huihong yang documents. You are responsible for all legal disputes arising from the above documents, data, and content. Huihong yang does not assume any legal responsibility;
The Internet is an open platform. If you upload and publish pictures, texts, etc., you may be copied, reposted, falsified or used for other illegal purposes by other organizations or individuals. You should be fully aware of the existence of such risks. You agree that such risks and consequences of using huihong yang services will be entirely borne by you and huihong yang will not be held responsible.
You understand and confirm that due to technical limitations, huihong yang cannot guarantee that the services provided by it are flawless, but we promise to continuously improve the quality of service and service level to provide you with better service. Accordingly, you agree that if the services provided by huihong yang are flawed, such defects are unavoidable at the time of the industry’s technical level and will not be considered as a breach of contract, huihong yang does not have to bear any responsibility to you.
8. Service Change / Interrupt / Termination
If the network service is suspended or the service function is adjusted due to the needs of system maintenance or upgrade, huihong yang will notify the website as much as possible in advance.


In any of the following circumstances, huihong yang has the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the provision of services to users without prior notice to the user:

User-provided personal data is not true or violates other user profile rules;
The user violates the provisions of laws and regulations, these Terms of Service or related service rules;
The huihong yang document is used for commercial purposes without the consent of huihong yang.

You understand and acknowledge that huihong yang does not guarantee the permanent provision of certain services, or may change the form and specifications of the services provided, for technical upgrades, service system upgrades, or adjustments to business strategies or to major national technical, regulatory, and other changes. Or other aspects, in






*价格等于“Apple的App Store定价矩阵”确定的价值相当于$ USD的订阅价格

是由huihong yang提供的软件服务。本服务条款(下称“服务条款”)是您与huihong yang之间关于您(“您”或“用户”)访问和使用文档以及huihong yang提供的其他服务(下称“服务”)的主要协议。


在接受本协议之前,请您仔细阅读全部内容,如您无法准确理解或不同意本协议的任一内容,请不要进行后续操作。您通过网络页面点击确认、实际购买或使用huihong yang所提供的服务等操作均表示您已阅读并充分理解本协议之内容,与huihong yang就使用或订购相应产品和/或服务已达成合意,并同意接受本协议的全部约定内容,受其约束。

特别提示您关注关于本协议关于限制、免除huihong yang责任的条款、对用户的权利限制条款、违规/违约行为的认定处理、以及管辖法院的选择等条款内容,前述条款可能以加粗及/或加下划线形式提示您注意。


由于互联网行业高速发展,本服务条款并不能完整罗列并覆盖您与huihong yang的所有权利与义务,现有的约定也不能保证完全符合未来发展的需求。因此,您同意huihong yang有权不时地对本服务条款做任何修改和补充,并予以公示。通常情况下(例如当需要进行修改或补充以满足适用法律要求时),对服务条款、隐私政策或规则的修改将在公布时或规定的生效日立即生效。您继续访问和使用huihong yang文档即视为您接受修订后的服务条款。否则,您有权通过停止访问huihong yang文档且拒绝使用服务、删除您在huihong yang文档上的信息和帐户等方式来终止服务条款。



本条款中的“产品和/或服务”指:huihong yang文档向您提供  http://www.unitygame8.com 网站(即文档官网)上所展示的服务,具体服务内容以您所使用或订购的内容为准。


根据实际需要和huihong yang不时提供的其他服务内容,huihong yang可能与您另行签订其他协议。同时,即使未另行签订其他协议,您使用huihong yang文档的具体服务也将被视为您同意huihong yang关于该等具体服务的任何要求。如果其他协议和本条款之间存在冲突,应以其他协议为准,但以该冲突和与该协议特定事宜相关为限。


huihong yang保留随时变更、中止或终止部分免费服务的权利,并保留根据实际情况随时调整huihong yang文档提供的免费服务种类、形式的权利。huihong yang不承担因huihong yang文档提供的任何免费服务的调整给您造成的损失。huihong yang有权在未来恰当的时机对任何免费服务内容收取相应的服务费用。


您同意huihong yang为满足用户需求、提升产品使用体验等需要调整、升级huihong yang文档提供的收费服务,包括服务种类、形式等。如因某些情况huihong yang需要终止向您提供的收费服务,huihong yang将提前通过站内通知、邮件、官网公告等形式予以通知。您同意如果huihong yang终止提供某项收费服务,huihong yang的义务仅在于向您返还您尚未使用的服务期对应的部分费用。您同意huihong yang无需因收费服务的调整、升级或终止向您承担责任。但无论如何,huihong yang将尽合理的努力给您预留合理的时间以便您为该等服务变更、中止或终止做出应对。

为了能访问huihong yang文档和使用服务,您同意以下事项:依huihong yang文档官网注册提示填写准确的、真实的注册邮箱、手机号、密码和名称,并确保今后更新的登录邮箱、手机号、名称、头像等资料的有效性和合法性。若您提供任何违法、虚假、不道德或huihong yang认为不适合在huihong yang文档上展示的资料,或者huihong yang有理由怀疑您的资料属于病毒程序或恶意操作,或者您违反本服务条款的规定,或者您未经huihong yang同意将huihong yang文档用于商业目的,huihong yang有权暂停或终止您的帐号,并拒绝您于现在和未来使用服务之全部或任何部分。


尽管有前述规定,huihong yang无义务对任何用户的任何登记资料承担任何责任,包括但不限于鉴别、核实任何登记资料的真实性、准确性、完整性、适用性及/或是否为最新资料的责任。

同时,huihong yang建议您妥善保管您的注册邮箱、手机号、密码和名称,准确输入该等信息将作为您访问登录huihong yang文档并享有服务的关键环节。如果您发现有人未经授权使用您的帐户信息或怀疑任何人未经授权可能能够访问您的私有内容,您应立即更改密码,并向我们反馈。

我们鼓励用户充分利用huihong yang文档自由地发布和共享自己的信息内容。您可以自由发布文字、图片等内容,但这些内容必须位于公共领域内,或者您拥有这些内容的使用权(包括上传、发布、共享内容所需的复制权、信息网络传播权等使用权)。同时,您不应在自己的个人主页或huihong yang文档的任何其他地方发布受版权保护的内容,包括但不限于未经权利人许可使用或超越许可范围使用的内容。


用户在huihong yang文档上发表的内容仅表明其个人的立场和观点,并不代表huihong yang的立场或观点。用户作为内容的发表者,需自行对所发表的内容负责,因所发表内容引发的一切纠纷,由该内容的发表者承担全部法律责任,huihong yang不承担任何法律责任。用户在huihong yang文档发布侵犯他人知识产权或其他合法权益的内容,huihong yang文档有权利予以删除并保留移交司法机关处理的权利。


用户不得使用huihong yang文档发送或传播敏感信息和违反国家法律制度的信息,包括但不限于下列信息:


您承诺发表言论要:爱国、守法、自律、真实、文明。不传播任何非法的、骚扰性的、中伤他人的、辱骂性的、恐吓性的、伤害性的、庸俗的,淫秽的、危害国家安全的、泄露国家机密的、破坏国家宗教政策和民族团结的以及其它违反法律法规及政策的内容。若用户的行为不符合以上提到的服务条款,huihong yang文档将作出独立判断立即暂停或终止用户的服务帐号。用户需自行对其全部行为承担法律责任,huihong yang文档不承担任何法律责任。

huihong yang完全拥有huihong yang文档产品及服务(包括对其进行的任何开发和升级)的所有权及所有相关的知识产权(包括但不限于源代码、目标代码、文档资料、界面设计、版面框架、以及任何由huihong yang根据维护与技术支持提供的软件、资料等)。您认同huihong yang拥有的所有权及知识产权,并承诺尊重及不以任何方式侵害huihong yang的所有权及知识产权。未经huihong yang书面许可,您不得复制、传播、转让、许可或提供他人使用上述知识成果,否则应承担相应的责任,且huihong yang文档有权终止您对huihong yang文档的使用且不退还任何费用。


您对于自己创作并在huihong yang文档上发布的合法内容依法享有著作权及其他相关权利。


您在huihong yang文档发布侵犯他人知识产权或其他合法权益的内容,huihong yang有权予以删除,并保留移交司法机关处理的权利。

使用huihong yang文档和huihong yang提供的服务,即表示您同意huihong yang合法收集和使用有关您及您所使用服务的技术性或诊断性信息。收集到的这些信息将用于提供、改进huihong yang文档产品的内容和技术,提升huihong yang文档的服务品质。


huihong yang不会将您的信息和内容提供给其他的组织或个人,但以下情况除外:

您的事先同意或授权,或您于huihong yang文档上主动与第三方进行分享操作;
司法机关或有权政府机构或任何法律法规部门规章要求huihong yang提供该等信息;
您违反了本服务条款,且huihong yang出于维权需要向第三方提供的。
huihong yang将尽合理的努力保护您的信息安全,并为此采取合理的数据传输、存储、转换等预防保护措施。但是,互联网数据传输、存储、转换均可能存在一定未知且不确定的数据安全风险,该等风险将导致包括但不限于数据丢失、泄露、损坏、无法读取或提取等后果。您确认,您已明确知晓并同意接受该等因互联网引发的风险和后果,并已采取恰当的措施(例如数据备份等),以便在该等风险发生时将损失降至最低。


因互联网技术本身等非huihong yang主观故意或重大过失导致危害您数据安全的,huihong yang不承担任何赔偿责任。因huihong yang重大过失危害您数据安全的,huihong yang的赔偿责任以向您收取的服务费用为上限。

您知悉并同意,下列情况下,huihong yang无需向您承担任何责任:

由于您维护不当或保密不当,导致数据、资料、口令、密码等丢失或泄漏,或其他非因huihong yang原因导致的个人信息的泄漏,huihong yang不承担任何法律责任;
任何由于不可抗力、黑客攻击、电脑病毒侵入、网络运营商原因或政府管制等huihong yang无法合理控制的原因而造成huihong yang文档使用中止、中断、延误、使用限制、使用异常、使用不能、暂时性网站关闭等,huihong yang不承担任何法律责任;
您应对通过huihong yang文档上传文件、输入数据、发表内容的合法性以及获得文件、数据、内容的方式的合法性负责,因上述文件、数据、内容引发的一切纠纷,由您承担全部法律责任,huihong yang不承担任何法律责任;
互联网是一个开放平台,如果您将图片、文字等内容上传并公开,有可能会被其他组织或个人复制、转载、擅改或做其它非法用途,您应充分意识到此类风险的存在。您同意使用huihong yang服务所存在的此类风险及后果将完全由您自己承担,huihong yang不承担任何责任。
您理解并确认,受技术所限,huihong yang无法保证其所提供的服务毫无瑕疵,但我们承诺将不断提升服务质量及服务水平,为您提供更加优质的服务。据此,您同意:如果huihong yang所提供的服务虽然存在瑕疵,但该等瑕疵是当时行业技术水平所无法避免的,其将不被视为违约,huihong yang无须因此向您承担任何责任。
如因系统维护或升级的需要而暂停网络服务、调整服务功能的,huihong yang将尽可能事先在网站上进行通告。


如发生下列任何一种情形,huihong yang有权单方面中断或终止向用户提供服务而无需事先通知用户:

未经huihong yang同意,将huihong yang文档用于商业目的。

您理解并认可,为技术升级、服务体系升级、或因经营策略调整或配合国家重大技术、法规政策等变化,huihong yang不保证永久的提供某种服务,或可能变更所提供服务的形式、规格或其他方面,在终止该种服务或进行此种变更前,huihong yang将尽最大努力且提前以网站公告、站内信、邮件或短信等一种或多种方式进行事先通知;如终止提供该种服务的,huihong yang将尽合理的努力给您预留合理的时间,妥善处理后续事宜。

huihong yang有权根据互联网的发展和中华人民共和国有关法律、法规的变化,不时地完善和修改huihong yang服务条款。huihong yang保留随时修改服务条款的权利,用户在使用huihong yang的服务时,有必要对最新的huihong yang服务条款进行仔细阅读和重新确认,当发生相关争议时,以最新的服务条款为准。



用户使用本服务的行为若有任何违反国家法律法规或侵犯任何第三方合法权益的情形,huihong yang有权直接删除该等违反规定的信息,并可以暂停或终止向该用户提供服务。


若用户利用本服务从事任何违法或侵权行为,由用户自行承担全部责任,huihong yang不承担任何法律责任。因此给huihong yang或任何第三方造成任何损失的,用户应负责全额赔偿。


huihong yang有权将本协议的权利义务全部或者部分转移给huihong yang的关联公司,同时关联公司不会实质性降低您可获得服务的质量,否则huihong yang与关联公司向您承担连带责任。



欢迎您对我们的服务条款提出意见。如有任何问题、意见或疑虑,请发邮件至86762595@qq.com ,此电子邮件地址作为本服务条款的组成部分可能会不时进行更新。


The Privacy Protection Statement is our commitment to protect the privacy of our users. We take the protection of your personal privacy very seriously, and sometimes we need certain information to provide you with the services you request. This privacy statement explains the collection and use of data in these situations. This privacy statement applies to all related services of the App product, and as the scope of the service expands, the content of the privacy statement can be updated by the company at any time without prior notice. The updated Privacy Statement is effective in place of the original Privacy Statement once posted on the web page. After the company has revised the terms of service of the Privacy Statement, your continued use of the Service shall be deemed to have accepted the revised terms.


collect message
In order to provide you with better user service, we will only record data related to customs clearance. .


About your personal information
The company strictly protects the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

The company discloses your personal information when required by law or in compliance with the relevant terms of service of the company or the software license agreement, or has good reason to believe that it must be done:

(a) meet the express requirements of laws or administrative regulations, or comply with applicable legal procedures of the company;
(b) Compliance with the relevant terms of service of the Company and the agreement for the use of the Software;
(c) protect the rights or property of the company;
(d) Personal safety of users or the general public who protect employees of the company, our products or services in an emergency.

The Company will not share this information with third parties without your permission, except as indicated above in this statement.

About information security
The company will maintain the confidentiality of the information collected. We establish a good internal mechanism to better protect the security and confidentiality of the above information by limiting the scope of employees who obtain and use the above information.

About disclaimer
The company does not assume any legal responsibility for the occurrence of the following related matters:
(a) the disclosure of any personal information resulting from the user’s password being shared with others or sharing the registered account with others, or the disclosure of other personal information that is not due to this report;
(b) The company provides your personal information in accordance with legal requirements or relevant government policy requirements;
(c) any dispute arising from the use of your personal information by any third party in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Company’s Terms of Service;
(d) any temporary closure due to hacking, computer virus intrusion or government regulation;
(e) any consequences resulting from force majeure;
(f) The manner of use or disclaimer set out in the Terms and Conditions of the Company.

隐私权保护声明系本公司保护用户个人隐私的承诺。我们非常重视对您的个人隐私保护,有时候我们需要某些信息才能为您提供您请求的服务,本隐私声明解释了这些情况下的数据收集和使用情况。本隐私声明适用于 App产品的所有相关服务,并且随着服务范围的扩大,隐私声明的内容可由本公司随时更新,且毋须另行通知。更新后的隐私声明一旦在网页上公布即有效代替原来的隐私声明。在本公司修改隐私声明的服务条款后,您继续使用服务应被视作您已接受了修改后的条款。








(a) 满足法律或行政法规的明文规定,或者符合本公司适用的法律程序;
(b) 符合本公司相关服务条款、软件许可使用协议的约定;
(c) 保护本公司的权利或财产;
(d) 在紧急情况下保护本公司员工、本公司产品或服务的用户或大众的个人安全。





(a) 由于您将用户密码告知他人或与他人共享注册帐户,由此导致的任何个人信息的泄漏,或其他非因本报原因导致的个人信息的泄漏;
(b) 本公司根据法律规定或政府相关政策要求提供您的个人信息;
(c) 任何第三方根据本公司各服务条款及声明中所列明的情况使用您的个人信息,由此所产生的纠纷;
(d) 任何由于黑客攻击、电脑病毒侵入或政府管制而造成的暂时性关闭;
(e) 因不可抗力导致的任何后果;
(f) 本公司在各服务条款及声明中列明的使用方式或免责情形。