The Privacy Protection Statement is our commitment to protect the privacy of our users. We take the protection of your personal privacy very seriously, and sometimes we need certain information to provide you with the services you request. This privacy statement explains the collection and use of data in these situations. This privacy statement applies to all related services of the App product, and as the scope of the service expands, the content of the privacy statement can be updated by the company at any time without prior notice. The updated Privacy Statement is effective in place of the original Privacy Statement once posted on the web page. After the company has revised the terms of service of the Privacy Statement, your continued use of the Service shall be deemed to have accepted the revised terms.


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In order to provide you with better user service, we will only record data related to customs clearance. .


About your personal information
The company strictly protects the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

The company discloses your personal information when required by law or in compliance with the relevant terms of service of the company or the software license agreement, or has good reason to believe that it must be done:

(a) meet the express requirements of laws or administrative regulations, or comply with applicable legal procedures of the company;
(b) Compliance with the relevant terms of service of the Company and the agreement for the use of the Software;
(c) protect the rights or property of the company;
(d) Personal safety of users or the general public who protect employees of the company, our products or services in an emergency.

The Company will not share this information with third parties without your permission, except as indicated above in this statement.

About information security
The company will maintain the confidentiality of the information collected. We establish a good internal mechanism to better protect the security and confidentiality of the above information by limiting the scope of employees who obtain and use the above information.

About disclaimer
The company does not assume any legal responsibility for the occurrence of the following related matters:
(a) the disclosure of any personal information resulting from the user’s password being shared with others or sharing the registered account with others, or the disclosure of other personal information that is not due to this report;
(b) The company provides your personal information in accordance with legal requirements or relevant government policy requirements;
(c) any dispute arising from the use of your personal information by any third party in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Company’s Terms of Service;
(d) any temporary closure due to hacking, computer virus intrusion or government regulation;
(e) any consequences resulting from force majeure;
(f) The manner of use or disclaimer set out in the Terms and Conditions of the Company.

隐私权保护声明系本公司保护用户个人隐私的承诺。我们非常重视对您的个人隐私保护,有时候我们需要某些信息才能为您提供您请求的服务,本隐私声明解释了这些情况下的数据收集和使用情况。本隐私声明适用于 App产品的所有相关服务,并且随着服务范围的扩大,隐私声明的内容可由本公司随时更新,且毋须另行通知。更新后的隐私声明一旦在网页上公布即有效代替原来的隐私声明。在本公司修改隐私声明的服务条款后,您继续使用服务应被视作您已接受了修改后的条款。








(a) 满足法律或行政法规的明文规定,或者符合本公司适用的法律程序;
(b) 符合本公司相关服务条款、软件许可使用协议的约定;
(c) 保护本公司的权利或财产;
(d) 在紧急情况下保护本公司员工、本公司产品或服务的用户或大众的个人安全。





(a) 由于您将用户密码告知他人或与他人共享注册帐户,由此导致的任何个人信息的泄漏,或其他非因本报原因导致的个人信息的泄漏;
(b) 本公司根据法律规定或政府相关政策要求提供您的个人信息;
(c) 任何第三方根据本公司各服务条款及声明中所列明的情况使用您的个人信息,由此所产生的纠纷;
(d) 任何由于黑客攻击、电脑病毒侵入或政府管制而造成的暂时性关闭;
(e) 因不可抗力导致的任何后果;
(f) 本公司在各服务条款及声明中列明的使用方式或免责情形。


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